Louise Leung Fung Yee


劍橋小學英語 Juniors (幼兒組)



Overall Review:




Sat Jun 01 2019 11:02:13 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Students are very playful, but I have used this special thing in learning. Today we learned about clothing so I have asked the playful students to show their clothes to the class. Every one gets to show off and be a model. And it helps them memorize it. Their level of playfulness is acceptable. But when it comes to doing exercises, they are still in need of more guidance which I tried to provide, as I go from one to another student in giving instructions and checking up on them. It's a good class. I let them colour the cloth in the exercise when they are home, so they can have more fun in learning. Some students requested in going to the toilet, I managed to persuade them to wait until class is over with the reason being "you will miss our the fun!". It worked perfectly.